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Ford Ballantyne IV
Associate Professor, Odum School of Ecology
PhD, Biology, Unversity of New Mexico
MS, Statistics, University of New Mexico
BS, Zoology,  University of Wisconsin
fb4 [at] uga [dot] edu
Graduate Students
Chao Song
MS, Statistics, University of Georgia
MA, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas
BS, Ecology and Economics, Peking University, China
Elise Krueger
B. A., magna cum laude,  Anthropology, New York University

Alyson Wright
Major:  Ecology
Luke Gamblin
Major:  Ecology
Past members
Sarah Glaser, 2010-2011
Currently a research scientist at The Josef Korbel School of International Studies at The University of Denver 
Jarad Mellard, 2010-2012
Currently a researcher at The University of Tromso, Norway
Christoph Lehmeier, 2011-2013
Currently a postdoc with Sharon Billings at The University of Kansas
Graduate Students
Liz Guinessey, M.S. 2017

Patrick Dermyer, 2009-2011
Major: Mathematics and Computer Science 
Ryan Behrens, 2009-2011
Major: Microbiology.  Currently in the PhD program in Bacteriology at UW-Madison
Michelle Mubarak, 2010-2011
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Arthur Ankeney, 2011-2012
Major: Biochemistry 
Tashitso, 2011-2012
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ryan Felton, 2011-2012
Major: Biochemistry 
Jason Heckler, 2013-2015
Major:  Environmental Engineering
Minkuk (Isaac) Han, 2014-2015
Major:  Biology
Doug Hart, 2013-2016
Major:  Ecology
Ashley Jacob, 2015
Major: Biology 
Katelyn Esters, 2015-2016
Major:  Ecology
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